Our eligibility criteria is somewhat fluid, as we assess applications on a case-by-case basis. Most of our grants go to families whose combined household income is less that $60,000 per year. We also consider factors such as number of children in a family, cost of the desired activity, and other unique expenses a family may be burdened with. 

Grants are tailored to the amount requested in each successful application. They are intended to cover the cost of an activity for up to one year. Most grants are between $500 and $2000. 



Foundation for After School Talent

The Summer of a lifetime for children

Terms & Conditions

Conflict of Interest
Foundation members and their immediate family members are not eligible to receive the Grant.
Selection Criteria

- Household income less than $60,000 per year
- Cost of desired activity
- Unique circumstances that a family may be burdened with 
- Enthusiasm for the extra-curricular activity
- Length of time the child has already been involved in the activity (if applicable)Grant Conditions & Disbursement
Grant proceeds are to be used to directly support the successful candidate’s extra-curricular activities as indicated in their application. An official letter/acknowledgement of enrollment into the extra-curricular activity must be provided before the grant is disbursed.
All successful applicants will be contacted directly by a project supervisor of the Foundation for Afterschool Talent with all relevant contact information and instructions. The grant will be disbursed to a charitable institution as directed by the Foundation for Afterschool Talent and Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation. By regulation, grants are not to be made directly to the successful applicant. The Foundation for Afterschool Talent has secured the administrative services of the charitable institution, Wesley Markham Community Centre, which will handle the process for accepting this external award on behalf of the applicant. The institution and the project supervisor will be in charge of disbursements to successful applicants.
Use and Disclosure of Information
Information submitted as part of the application, including personal information, will be collected by the Foundation and used by and disclosed to the selection committee for the purpose of evaluating applications and selecting a recipient. 
The Foundation may also feature the recipient and his/her extra-curricular activity in various Foundation publications, including the Foundation website, promotional materials and donor communications.
Contact Information
Completed applications can be sent to admin@fastcanada.ca

Application Process:

To apply for a grant from F.A.S.T., please send an email to admin@fastcanada.ca containing the following information:

1. Name and age of your child(ren) for whom you are seeking funding. 

2. Extracurricular activity you wish to enroll your child in. Please include name and contact information of organization offering the activity, the length of the term, and price of enrollment. 

3. Total dollar amount that you are requesting. This amount should meet the cost of enrollment plus additional costs of participation eg sports uniform, dance costumes, hockey equipment etc. 

4. Combined household income (proof may be required at a later stage of the application process). 

5. Any additional information you’d like us to know about your child and how they may benefit from this funding.